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Training Know what you want to do but don't know-how? Save hours of trawling through manuals and help files with our one-to-one expert guidance at your place of work.

Learn precisely how to make your software and business information work for you. Tuition: 20 per hour. Areas of expertise:

General use of Microsoft Windows applications and file management
Email and use of the Internet: Microsoft Outlook, Eudora, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator
Word Processing: Microsoft Word, Word Perfect, Microsoft Works
Spreadsheets: Microsoft Excel, Quattro Pro, Microsoft Works
Database design and management: Microsoft Access, Structured Query Language, Visual Basic
Presentations: Microsoft Powerpoint

If you have the software, our expertise will give you the know-how. Our trainers have specialist expertise and all are European Computer Driving Licence qualified (ECDL).

Contact Us with your requirements. Email or telephone 07715470348

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